Processing fiancee visa here in Norway

Hello😃 My fiancee and me just applied for a fiancee visa today. Is it normal that they didnt get my passport? How long till i get a reply?My tourist visa expire this Sept.25, 2017. Is it possible to get married without the reply from the UDI?and whay should I do to get married? Thank you in advance for the reply.

Hi! They dont take the passport here. It's best to get married with a permission from UDI should you intend to get married while waiting for the fiance visa then you need upon approval of ur fiance visa u need to change it to family reunification after you got married. Just prepare the documents, some people were asked to submit all DFA authenticated papers like Birth Certificate and Cenomar, and for your fiancé: Birth Certificate and divorce decree letter if previously married and  Erklæring om skifte - ekteskapsloven § 8 which is a signed approval form from the previous wife if you are getting married within the first 2 years of divorce. Then, 2 signed forms for Declaration by the parties to the marriage prior to verification of compliance with the conditions for marriage (one for you and your fiancé). Personal Declaration. 2 signed forms Forlover, one "sponsor" for you and your fiancé ( they are like witnesses but it doesnt mean they need to be the same people as your witness in your actual wedding ceremony).  Submit them to your skatteetaten branch, wait for the paper then you have the test certificate and you can get married in Tingrett or church.

Here's the link for skatteetaten, your fiancé should know this: … atsborger/

Ok...thank you for the advice. Do you have any idea how many months i have the answer?My fiancé earn more than 400 thousand a year  and own a house and I have my Bachelors degree. Im so worried about the result and i read from the forum that i takes time for them to decide. Thank you again for the advice and godbless.😊

Yw. It is really a case to case basis. Some people waited a month but others longer even if they meet all the requirements. When UDI handles the cases here it usually take 4 months or more. Just try to push your worries away while waiting, you just need to be positive and my suggestion is after you get married try to learn eller self study norsk if you aren't fluent yet in the language, bec you would definitely need that upon settling here.

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