Considering a job offer in Amsterdam

Hello Amsterdammers ! : :whistle:

I am 25 year old girl, with a Master's degree in  Computer Science.

I got a job offer in Amsterdam, the draft  contract version has a  gross salary of € 41.000 . And the 30% rule will apply. I think that the pension will not be paid, so the netto monthly salary should be around € 3100.

I will try negotiating a little bit, in order to get a higher salary.

I will be moving to Amsterdam by myself.
Could you please tell me if this salary  is high enough to cover all the expenses listed below( provide me with prices, if possible ) :

-1 bedroom apartment with utilities included
-food ( I enjoy cooking)
-gym membership
- some weekend trips around the country every now and then
- social events
- sending some amount of money to my family members
- sparing some money (if it is possible)

The company will provide me with
- public transport card
- all the immigration fees
- sim card
- hopefully, a health insurance

Thank you so much for your help :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum.  :)

The Numbeo website provides information regarding what you're asking about; this link will take you there.

Hello Cynic!
Thank you very much, I will check it out.  :)

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