looking job, new friend, and business partner

hi all expat member,

my name titi from indonesia. on january i will relocate and stay in singapore. am just prepare to get new job and find the company who wants to sponsor my work pass. but most of the job only for singaporean and PR. please give me information about the job that expat can apply, because so much diffctl to find that one.

also am looking business partner who can join with me to start business in singapore. i also have my own brand (fake eyelashes product) instagram: jesslashes.id

You can read job section in Singapore forum to get an idea that it's not easy to find a job here. Since you are a foreigner so there would a limited scope for you to apply. Check local job portals such as JobStreet or jobsDB. Good luck

Apa ma cham,, nastiti tyas? Iwould like to know what kind of business partner do you need?

Pls let me know..Thank you

Please also note that you are not allowed to run your own business while in Singapore on a work pass - you are ONLY allowed to work for the company who sponsored the work pass. (Do NOT break this rule!!!)
To start your own business, you need to resign from your job first. But getting a visa for running your business is VERY difficult - you basically need to invest lots and create jobs for locals.

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