Deregistration from the Netherlands

Hi All,
Bit of a complicated situation,
I am making a move from Netherlands to Poland.
I am currently not a EU citizen.
I am requested to goto Poland with a new work permit whereby I will receive a Stamp authorising my stay in Poland (regardless of visa) .
However i need to also de-register from the Netherlands.

Do you perhaps know if it can be done by post? or by the consulate in Warsaw?
I see that it requires me to hand my residence permit back to the IND and i have read up that I can do it via post.
Obviously this situation will result in me being in Poland attempting to de-register from the Netherlands and loosing my visa.

Any advice would be welcome, I have asked already a few people with the most common advice of just letting the residence permit expire but i am afraid of the consequence of such actions (not sure what they are just im sure its not legal).

Looking for real answers here.


Hi Mike,

You are required to de-register with the Gemeente before you leave.  If you don't, you will continue to be charged for Gemeente Belasting, which may cause you a problem should you ever come back to Holland.

Just give the Gemeente a call to make an appointment, it will take a few minutes.

What kind of visa /permit you have and how long it takes before its expired?
And how long you'll stay in Poland?

These are the questions I would have an.answer
And yes, you need to go to your city hall to deregister yourself. Probably a few days before you leave the country.

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