Changing Profession

My profession on iqama is Labour. I wanted to change my profession to Computer Technician. What is procedure and do i get family status and do i need to attest my certificate for this profession??

dear sir

i came to know that the stop changing professional right now, so you can not change

Thanks for your reply
Is there any chance to change by back door?

As per new rules, becoz i want to change my professional in iqama and i got attestation in ksa and India. next step to register in SCE, after i payed and resisted the reply as that u change be membership in sce but u canot change the professional. now my professional in iqama is general electrician. me to plan to bring family,

so how can we bring family. Any alternative?

try for visit visa...., the allow you for 180days

can i bring my wife in Visit Visa? I think women will not get visit visa without any accompanies.
For family visit visa need to be change the profession. Please clarify

As per i know u can bring the wife in family visit visa. total days 180 days

Any luck guys. I am facing the same issue. No Iqama profession change now a days. If anyone has information about the new rules, please share. Highly appreciate your feedback.

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