Immigration process query

If Malaysian ( Johor Bahru ) employer is Singapore based company and they want to apply for immigration of foreign employee.

They have to apply for immigration in Malaysia or Singapore?

Where is the job - Singapore or Malaysia? The Employment Pass will follow the country where the work is carried out - also that would be where income tax is paid. So you would need a Malaysian Professional Pass to work in Johor.

I wanted to mention MACS Malaysian Automated Clearance System which allows people who have a work permit issued in Singapore to travel to designated Iskander/Johor projects in Johor on a daily basis. … tml?id=283

However, this  could mean you live in Singapore and have a Singapore work permit. Your salary should be high enough in Singapore dollars to enable you to survive the high costs there. It would not be sensible to accept a job paid in Malaysian Ringgit based on local salaries and costs in Malaysia and then have to live in Singapore.

Your previous posts mentioned a job paid in MYR but now you mention vaguely the possibility of being hired by a Singapore company. Iskandar/Johor is a special area under extensive development and some of the rules are slightly different because of that and facilities for crossing the border at Johor.

I am guessing that your prospective employer MAY wish to obtain a Singapore work permit and a MACS permit for you, and you may then work and/or live in Johor under the MACS permit.

You could ask about MACS in the Singapore forum to get more information on how this would work.

I mean to say that company is Singapore based, But manufacturing facility is in Johor.

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