Marriage in Kiev

Owing to my illness and not improving "Wishing to be Married" in Kiev in November over for 4 weeks  we have been together for 20 months and we have had her visa for UK rejected twice on minor points and cannot appeal against the Decision:
Am asking the Following: Zags contact number and "Website" as wishing to make contact to arrange a Date to make arrangements, and all the costs involved, Last all so Documents on my Side my fiance as contact  already to Translation Service which was involved in Visa documents on Her Side.
Any help appreciated marwood47

I think your future wife must contact the nearest ЗАГС (or ZAGS or registry office) in the address in her local passport. For example, my husband lives in Desnianskyi District, Kiev so if he needs anything he must go to the ZAGS in that district where he lives.

Thanks for information and maid contact with ZAGS attending first week in November I got all my Documents ready for Translation hopefully being Married before end the Year however making a Claim under Special Circumstances so maybe in November ending dates thanks for the information marwood47

I heard you can be married in ZAGS in one day. Let us know your wedding experience soon!

OK yes that is possible but do not have any information
But after 5th November I can give normal ZAGS wedding information as by then would have been there and have date Fixed for how Wedding Day after 20 months of knowing each other marwood47

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