Job seeker visa - slots for appointment

Dear all,

I was all ready with the documentation to apply for the visa. I could not book the appointment online, when I called the consulate I was told that slots for job seeker visa is not open

Can any I tell me based on your past experience when these slots with be open



I am also facing the same issue, did you got any information about the appointment? I am trying from Chennai consulate.

Try a different consulate or German embassy in another country!

I'm also having the same issue. Not sure how to block the interview slots.

We have a What's up group.  Please message me in what's up, i will add you folks in the group.


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Hi Sridhar,
I'm also facing the same problem.

Please add me in whatsapp group.

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Thanks in advance.

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Hey I'm on the same boat. Please let me know your  experience

Hey did you get access to the what's app group please add me too I'm trying for job seeker visa as well

I'm facing similar issue with Chennai consulate. Wanna apply for job seeker visa as well but damn those interview slots.

please type your contact no in that i'll add in the whatsapp group..thanks.

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Hi Sreedhar,
I am Lokesh from Bangalore and i am working in Technology Profession in Bangalore . I am planning to revamp my career in technology. Please do suggest me on how to get a Job Seeker Visa to Germany.  Is it a right option to apply it through German Consulate in Bangalore or through a consultancy ?????

Do let me know if there are any Watsapp groups where i can get some help from you all.


Hey I'm trying for job seeker visa in Germany can you add me to group

I'm still facing the same issue with blocking interview slot for job seeker visa.

I am also try for JSV but slot is not availble for delhi consulate please add me this group for quires.

I am also unable to get an appointment , please add me to the WhatsApp group as well ,thanks

Can you please add me watsapp group

Please add me in WhatsApp group.  Thank you

Can you please add me in watsapp group... thank u

please add me in the whatsapp group. I am looking for appointment slots in chennai consulate.


I'm from India. I had my Job seeker visa appointment at Mumbai consulate on 19 Dec 2017. My application was approved, the verification was complete and the report was submitted to the consulate. It is mentioned that it takes 8-12 weeks for the visa but now it is 17 weeks 4 days. When I call the Mumbai consulate they ask me to send email for seeking update. However when I send email for update they send auto-replies. I sent 3 emails on different dates and I got the same response. I have an interview invite from a company in Germany and this delay in the visa arrival is causing me to be more impatient.
Anyone has faced this delay or has any idea of such problem, kindly share.

It seems the consulate is so flooded with JSV applications that they cannot cope.
Maybe you can get another kind of visa (e.g. normal tourist visa) to attend the interview. A JSV is not needed for that!

Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to apply for another visa(Travel Visa) when a National visa is in process?

I think yes, but you better confirm with the embassy.
You could also get a Schengen visa for another EU country and travel to Germany with that.

I don't think you can apply another visa type to the same consulate while one application for another visa type is already in process. But yes, as Beppi suggested, please do check with the consulate.
Also applying for another schengen country (is a good idea) at the same time, can be a bit risky as all the schnegen visa systems talk to each other.

Thank you Aneeshks and Beppi. I shall call the consulate and ask the queries. Alternatively I believe walking in to the Mumbai consulate and asking update on my JSV will be better before I proceed with the next step.
Thank you for your advice.

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