Tourist visa for Serbia and Montenegro

Hi. I'm planning travelling to Serbia and Montenegro for 1 week in my vacations. I read at coupleof forums that if one have US, UK OR Schengen visa can enter Montenegro and Serbia without their own visa before arrival. I truid to contact consulate but no response. Any suggestions here?


You can travel in all balkan countries if you have valid multiple Schengen visa, US or UK visa after using your visa in the main destination. And you can stay between 1 month to 3 months (depends on the country, for example for Montenegro is 1 month) if your visa is valid till the end of your stay.

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Hi Amir.
Many thanks for response. I had a doubt about serbian visa. I read somewhere to enter serbia one should have us3d atleased once UK, US or schengen visa. This is additional requirement for Serbia. Please share if you have any information on this.

Salman, most countries including Serbia & Albania (not sure of MNE) would specifically need that you have used the visa to enter that country before, in my experience.

I think the whole concept of visa on arrival would work this way.


I came from the US and I don't know what the rules are for staying in Montenegro. I thought I could stay 3 months without doing anything is that true?

I came by bus from Italy and went through the boarder crossing with only my passport. Am I supposed to do anything else?

You can find most info about visa policies in Montenegro here … ree_travel
With a US passport yes you can stay up to 90 days.

By law you must register yourself at the police / or tourist bureau, and pay the tourist tax. If you are staying at a private accommodation, the owners are supposed to do this for you, and they will ask for your passport to do this. In hotels, they do it automatically.

Have a nice stay!

And if you didn't then what?

Well, when you register, you get a "white card" (Bijeli karton) and this could be asked at the border when you leave. If you don't have it, you could probably be fined...

I don't think they ask for it very often, but there is a risk, and anyway, this is the law, so you should respect it !!


Thank you

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