Required document for wedding in USA


My fiancé and I are Philippine passport holders living and working in United Arab Emirates. We're eloping. 💕

We are planning to get married in US. Maybe in Las Vegas.

What are the documents required to bring to get married in US? Procedure? Cost? And how do we get it attested?


GOOD LUCK !   You each will need to apply and be accepted by the US Embassy for a visitors Visa.  The cost for each of you for applying for a Visitor Visa to the US is about P7000.   This fee only gets you to the interview process at the US Embassy in Manila.. If you are denied travel, there is no refund.   If you are successful, a marriage in Nevada is fairly straightforward.   Ensure you have all birth certificates, passports, any divorce certificates to support your capacity to marry. 
I was also married in the US  (Lake Tahoe) and it was really no issue, as we were both foreigners.  It all sounds romantic, but why not marry in the Philippines with all your families and friends, and then attempt a honeymoon in the US ?
Eloping means you are running away from parents etc.  Are you both of age where you do not require parental consent ?

Hi Bob18! ☺️

Thanks for the info.

I already have my US visa. So only my fiancé needs to apply for one.

We both grew up in UAE. Well he was born here in UAE. We love going to Philippines for vacay but we either wanna get married in US, Seychelles or somewhere in Europe (since most of my family are in Europe).

Eloping just sounds romantic. Also because we're Asian so our families expect us to have a grand wedding with all our friends and relatives (which will be difficult as we have big families from both sides) and to be honest, we just wanna get married, travel and have fun as a couple. ☺️

Thank you!

OK..... So all is much clearer now...  You are already world travelers...   Also the romanticism of eloping will disappear when you in your case, why marry?

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