South African business owner


I have my own business in South Africa and I am looking at moving to Kuala Lumpur, what visa do I need to operate my business and do freelance work? Thank you.

You would need a business owner's work permit (Professional Pass). There are different options based on your business model. The choices are an offshore Labuan registered company, Malaysian incorporated company (Sdn Bhd) or Representative/Regional Office.

This website has some useful hints - (see right-hand side panel for different options).

If you want to know more about the Labuan option, then highly recommend contacting for initial advice.

If you are more interested in residing in Malaysia and continuing to service your company in SA, then there is also the Malaysia My 2nd Home residency programme. … conditions But it does not enable you to run a business locally and generate income within Malaysia (same for Labuan and Rep Office companies).

Thank you.

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