Moving From Canada to Croatia, 28 Years Old

Hello, Seeking some advice from forum members.

I'm a Canadian Citizen applying for and will very likely get my Croatian Citizenship.

I make my money from a company in the United States in USD, using T4.

I have investments and want to take advantage of 0% Capital Gain tax in Croatia.

I plan on moving close to Zagreb where my family is, renting a place at a very affordable rate. I plan on starting up small business in honey, herbs and possibly a cafe/restaurant on the coast in the future. At the time I plan on going (within 6-8 months), I'll be making more than enough to live comfortably and invest into projects.

My questions are,

How did the 40% tax rate in Croatia effect you? Will I still be taxed this rate on income earned from aboard?

How does starting a business and running it compare to doing so in Canada?

How much will be personal tax rate be effected if I'm a permanent resident of Croatia earning $100,000 per year from the USA?

Thanks for your time!

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