Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader from in Khobar or Dammam? I have gone and checked both Extra and Jarrir bookstore and they both don't carry them.  I was thinking of ordering it off but it didn't allow me to ship to the address here in Khobar.

My only other option is to check in Bahrian but don't want to go through the whole hassle of going through the causeway just to get the E-reader if am not planning a weekend there.

So if anyone knows where I can buy a legit Amazon Kindle in either Khobar or Dammam please let me know...would be greatly appreciated.



actually I don't think you will find any of that in local stores, you have to get it online either from amazon itself or you can get it from souq ( )


Thanks for your feed back. I know about souq ( ) but a lot of the e-readers on there are second hand and have already been used...also the newer ones are far more expensive on Souq than other websites. But thanks again for the feedback.

I have one, i bought from abroad and i want to sell it out, excellent condition

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Thanks for the offer but I've already purchased and received my Kindle last week.....good luck finding a buyer.

Are you still offer this kindle for sale?

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