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Hi everybody,
At the moment I live in the Netherlands(Maastricht) but me and my wife are planning to go abroad. But in that case it would be a great help to find a job in that country.
We would like to live close to Thessaloníki in Greece. I know that the harbor provides logistic jobs, so I thought it might be possible to make myself useful in this field.
I am not the youngest of course, but over here I still have to do almost 8 years until my retirement.
So for me it would be great to work in the vicinity of Thessaloníki and stay there later when I retire.
I master Dutch, English, French and German. I have been working in the world of logistics for 36 years. Actually since 3 years I have been working for an American company that supplies parts for gas turbines that are used for big energy plants all over the world. So I know the role of the logistics partner as well as the role of the client on the other side of the table.

Hi Nelemans,

Welcome to

Feel create to create a detailed cv under the Jobs in Thessaloniki section.

Do you speak greek ?

Good luck


Sure I will. But I do not speek Greek, no!
Only Dutch, English, French and German.

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