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I'm probably going to Rabat for two weeks vacation at the end of September/beginning of October.

In 2014 I visited Morocco shortly while attending a Morroccan wedding in Fez. We then visited Rabat for only two short days, visiting some tourist things (the medina, Kasbah of the Udayas and Hassan tower) and driving along the sea for a lunch.  I'm turning to you, since I enjoyed Rabat and would now like to get to know the city better, but more as a local than a tourist. In the future maybe even living and working (translating) there.

But this time just take it easy (a bit exausted right now), walk around, enjoy the everyday life, social activities, cultural events (music, art), cafés/restaurants/club, catch a local bus to the vicinities. I would also like to spend time on the beach often. My two week stay will also include at least going to Fez again and maybe some other places around Rabat.

What would be your suggestions about housing  (hotel, flat, room with/without roomates) and which area to stay in? Not the medina though. I'm more on the economic side when it comes to prices. I also think that it could be good to rent for two weeks to be able to go and come as I want, since I don't know my exact plans. Or what do you think? And what about social or cultural events, café/restaurant/club in the day/evening? And what would you recommend to do, beside the tourist things I've already have seen? Meet up with some locals or expats would be great.  I do have a guide book as well.

My big issue is that I don't speak Arabic or French, even though I can read some French and say some phrases. I do speak English and Spanish well.

Take care

Please, someone

Since I'm considering weather or not moving to Rabat in the future and going back to work as a freelance translator in the beginning, could someone just please help me by giving me some information on my questions above on how to "live" more as a local/expat during my two week stay now in September/October.

Which area to live in, which type of housing, local places (restaurants/cafés/clubs) and music/art scene? ALso interested in yoga and salsa (dance). I also inted to check out some schools for learning Arabic, so recommendations regarding this matter is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi Martin,
my boyfriend lives in Rabat and probably can help you out with some of the things you asked. do you have a mail adress i can give him?

Maybe you could stay at his place even.

greets Magdalena

Thanks oneminutesilence, I have sent you a message



I just moved to Rabat from Antwerp Belgium and i am looking for an appartement. I have not yet succeeded but i did learn that Hassan is a good place to live, a lot of quiet places, supermarket Carrefour nearby, good prices and located well to the centre of Rabat. If i find a good contact who helps me find something there i will pass his details to you.

kind regards


Hi Fatima how is everything been for you? Work, house, intigration? Please share your story.  Are you still happy with your decision? Thank you

Hey Sarah,

I did find an apartment and i did find it in Hassan. The apartment is great, big and well located. I'm still adapting at times, there are other social rules here. I'm happy i moved out here, the community is very social and Rabat is a beautiful city. Going to the beach is very relaxing after a long week. Sometimes i get surprised with the differences between Belgium and Morocco in small things, like for example when you buy paint for a wall it is not ready for use, you have to mix it with water. At Bricorama they assumed i knew this which resulted in an overbuy of paint. Which is now sitting in the storage room.

The business are a lot less internet orientated which results in not up-to-date details or no visibility online. You really need to go for yourself to search and find what you are looking for. It is very recommendable that you have someone with you who knows Rabat.

I feel i still have not seen all of Rabat but i hope that sharing this will help others.
If someone wants the details from the rental agent you can contact me.

Kind regards

Yes Fatima,

Right now I am leasing a villa in Harhoura/Temara area  but  will be relocating to Rabat in a couple months so would appreciate the info on the rental agen you used.

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