Health cover for non workers (again)

Hi folks. Apparently I need a form ? or proof that I'm no longer covered on the NHS so I can get health cover in France, anybody know what form this is ?
I'm not retired or working but married to a French citizen. I've been here 2 years and still not managed to get health cover !!...Any ideas ?


If you register yourself as the owner of a 'micro entreprise' you're covered for health insurance by default. You do have to create income to pay the premium but at least you'll have health insurance.

Yes I did read about that, may be my only option.

Cheers David

Dear David.

I hope I can help you.

I moved to France one year ago and am still in the process of finding health cover and I do not work.  You have to obtain a Form U1 from H M Revenue & Customs.  This document is for an unemployed person who claims (or may be entitled to claim) unemployment benefits in an EU country outside of the UK.  The Form confirms your name, address and NI number, your period of insurance, self employment history, employment history, income from your last job in the UK, termination of your job and the reason (the code for this is important to gain unemployment benefits in France.  I do not qualify for benefit help as I resigned from my job.  If you lost your job, you will be in a better position), plus any unemployment entitlement you received in the UK etc. etc.  This link will help you: … ons-ca3916

You should then receive the  Form U1 through the post.  It may take a few weeks but when you receive it, take a copy, and send it to whoever needs it.

Good Luck,


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