Requesting cheap eateries and markets in Phnom Penh

Everything in Phnom Penh is so overpriced in comparison with Sihanoukville. Where am I wrong? Advise me please some cheap places where I can eat for 1-2$ and some good markets. Thanks a lot in advance!

Not my specialty but here is a link: … ide-2015-0

Omg I have so many 1.5 or 6000 real great meals in Phnom Penh , can't mention them all, stay off the riverside , I've lived in Phnom Penh 2 years and I eat really good meals 2$ and under at restaurants

Kandel market , its outdoor, lucky near central market, lucky aeon is nice , but the outdoor markets are best, I just bought three chicken breast in aeon clean well packaged 2:25$ a chicken leg and thigh 1:25, I can but a wonderful meal rice or noodles, meat big portion , nice Khmer family, 15 and 136 she has a sign in front of her business 1:50$ per meal fabulous meal

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