Hospitals in Muscat

Hi friends,
How is the hospitals in Muscat ? How is Burjeel & apollo Hospital Muscat?

Hi Dr.RK,

If you would do a simple site search you would be able to glean a wealth of useful information on the state of the prevailing medical service, sorry, the prevailing medical business in the Sultanate.

Briefly, in Oman, medical business is flourishing. Patients are cheated and ripped by the numerous private poly clinics and private hospitals.

Burjeel Hospital Oman, and the Apollo Hospitals Muscat are no exceptions to my observation, as I have personally experienced both. They are just as good, or just as bad as the rest.

The overall quality and standards of the medical doctors are pathetic. A rare diamond may be found in the heap of the worthless coal. I am not denying it.

Most doctors are half-baked and inexperienced doctors. They are mostly hired by the dozen and come very cheap. So the quality of service rendered is obviously cheap.

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