Driving license for Malaysian in Kuwait

Hi guys,
My name is Ashraf and i will come to Kuwait this november.
May i know if we have international driving permit from JPJ.
Can we use it to drive in Kuwait or still we need to obtain local license?

Welcome Ashraf,

You can use your national/international driving license until you get the Kuwait residency. After that you need to obtain the local one.

that means my international driving license can be used here in kuwait?
Thanks for your prompt reply.


My advice is NO if you are coming on working VISA from Malaysia already stamped on your passport...unless you are on visit visa first then only you can use your IDP....getting a local licence is doable but not that easy and costly too! But you will get inshaAllah

Also, remember that getting a driving license is dependent on your job title... otherwise you wait a couple of years before even trying.

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