long term residence permit for non EU

Hi there

I am new here.  I need to know how to go about this residence permit without being refused.  Some blogs say rent a place for 1 year and then apply other say rent for 5 years and then apply to ensure it shows commitment.  Then there are people that's done both and had been refused.........

We need time to find the right area and decide where my son and I eventually want to settle down.  We will be leaving for Italy November 2017.  I have contacted the consulate but the info is limited.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Hi Aletta

What is your purpose for staying in Italy? Will it be work, studying or something else?

Expert Team

For me it would be to be sort of semi retirement my son is a Yachtsman in the Med so I will be closer to him and Italy will be our home of preference

I guess I am confused.  I thought you could only stay for 90 days at a time.  How/why would you rent a place for 5 years without first obtaining  (or trying to obtain) your elective permanent visa?

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