Foreigner Marrying in Malaysia

Hi ladies and gents! I hope all are well.

I am a USA citizen who has a boyfriend who resides in Malaysia and we want to marry. The preference is to marry there, but there are issues that could prevent that. I just wanted to come here to get some opinions from those who know.

First, although he lives in Malaysia he is not a citizen. He is an indian citizen who was adopted as a child and he and his adopted family moved to Malaysia more than 20 years ago. The government somehow denied him documentation as a legal resident there-possibly because he is not a blood relative.

The question I have is, although he is not a legal citizen can we still marry there? Also I am non-muslim and he is muslim ... if we are able to get married there after all, would religion cause issues for us? I have read in a few different boards that I may have to convert if I marry there.

We are really trying to find the less troublesome way as not to ruin a totally beautiful time in our lives. The next option would be simply {which is not that easy either I am sure, but I am a citizen} to marry in US without any of his family and friends in attendance.

Any suggestions

These are just some thoughts but there is a member called AmaniLim who may be able to assist.

1. Malaysian citizens who are Muslims can only marry Muslims, so conversion would be a requirement before they could marry.

2. Anyone can marry in Malaysia as long as they follow the requirements regarding paperwork, process, timing, etc.

3. Although you don't mention it, I am guessing your bf may have a PR status or a Residence Visa. If this is the case the conversion question needs further investigation, but I am guessing Indian Islamic rules will apply, as he presumbly holds an Indian passport. 

3a. Alarm bells - however, you write your bf does not have any legal status but is living in Malaysia. Therefore trying to leave the country or get married could open a can of worms. You could be his potential escape route from this nightmare...... but the interim period could be tricky.

4.  Some investigation into your potential future immigration status in relation to his  would be vital. (To avoid being married and not be able to live together). This is both on the Malaysian and US sides.

5. Your embassy in KL may have some helpful information on marriage and how to obtain the Single Status document necessary.

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