Any oter Uk expats in the Kyustendil area ?

Bought my my large villa on the side of the Osogovo valley 4 miles from the border with ,Macedonia and 5 miles from Serbia in Jan 2014. Its at 1120m fantastic views up a track from the main road, so when its very heavy snow I can't go anywhere. The longest I was snowboad in was for 22 days in Feb/March 2015, luckily I had stocks in.  I have a chimney and large space for a wood burner and have plenty of wood as I'm surrounded by forests, but I can't be bothered with it as Electricity is so cheap, compared to UK prices I just keep an electric radiators on.

The reason I bought my place was so I take advantage of 4g internet connection, even in the remote area I live in, back in the uk my family still lives in a house n Norfolk, England, where there is no internet signal at all! So I can do my work from my keyboard, when I can drive in the winter I go to OSogovo snow park to snowboard or ski which is 20 mins away.

I am renovating the house myself as I can't find any reliable Bulgarian builder. I have had 3 do work, all where useless, I paid a builder to fly over from Poland, to sort out the dangerous mess a so called architect/builder who attempted to reroof my house, leaving it half finished.

I get cheap flights from Sofia to luton once a month to stock up on decent food/clothing. I have never met any Uk people in this area, would loe to meet socially as it can be a bit lonely here sometimes, as I have no neighbours here. I Skype every night to family at home and watch Uk tv via the iplayer. Before my kids when off to university last year we explore some of the beautiful areas round here,

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