Help! I am applying for spouse visa.

My husband is a government employee. We applied for spouse visa last July 10, 2017, and they have all our documents, they have it on-hold due to one document which will be coming from my husband's polis HQ, it is a certificate of employment, why does it take so long to have this? Anyone can give any tips on how to obtain this sooner? We've already waited far too long. Extended visa in 2 months and the immigration officers are so rude. Gave me alot of trauma. :(

Perhaps your husband could ask his commanding officer for advice about how to check whether the request for the certificate has been received (and not "lost").

It sounds strange that there is such a delay, but two months is not that long in terms of the speed the wheels of bureaucracy turn. Is there a potential complication in that your husband has some sort of service contract, which is about to expire and be renewed (before issuance of certiicate)?

Did you ask for support on FSSG Facebook Group? There may be different procedures because of his government employee status (i.e. pension rights).

I am enclosing  a link I just found for the next stage in your adventure with immigration :-) https://expatexperiencesite.wordpress.c … -malaysia/

Thank you for your response Gravitas, he is already in the service for 15 years, and yes he mentioned before that it really takes a long time before this type of document will be released due to security, we always ask for an update but unfortunately, we don't have any feedback yet.

I am only allowed to extend my social visa for 2 months, and now I am back here in Manila and processed a social visit pass for 90 days, I do hope when I'm back that it will be done before my social visit pass expires, coz it's really costly for me to go back and forth.

I am posting here thinking there may be spouses out there who are in the same situation like me.


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