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Hello everyone, my name is Fara, I have recently moved to Riyadh with my husband from Australia. My husband is working and I'm not. I stay home all day and I get extremely bored. Are there any ladies get together somewhere that anyone knows of? I would really appreciate your help.

Hi Fara

Welcome to Riyadh :) am here too with my husband I know how bored things can get
I don't know any gatherings I would advise you to visite the  It's a group of expat women here in Riyadh they can help you with anything you need As their mission is to help people settle in.

They used to do a morning coffee once a month in a different compound but I can't find any upcoming ones on the website you can always e mail them they are very responsive.

Am free for coffee if you want :) if my little one would allow me of course she s 3 months old and everyday is a different schedule ...... unfortunately she is the boss.

Hope u ll find this helpful


Hello Faro
welcome to KSA,my name is Amani born and raised here,feel free to contact me if you need anything or a friend we all like sisters :) :cheers:

Hi Fara and welcome to Riyadh   :kiss:
My name is Mashael and I'm Saudi female living in Riyadh.It will be a pleasure to communicate with you.
U can E-mail me by: *** :)

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good to see that Saudi sisters are supportive.. thumbs up  :top:

Hi Fara, if you are interested to have a part time job , let me know. I can send you the job description if you send me your email.

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