Schengen touristic visa

Hi, I'm portuguese, my girlfriend is from Philippines, she's gonna apply to the schengen touristic visa so she can come here, I also have sent to her a term of responsability/invitation letter, so she doesn´t have any accomodation/food expenses once she arrives , can any person from Philippines that´s living currently on my country tell me if it it´s hard to get the shengen? how were the procedures to get to my country, taking into account that there 3000 filipinos living in Portugal, and the diplomatic relations the two contries have.. is it necessary to show a significant amount of money to the embassy knowing that I´m her sponsor, although she comes from a poor place, Binagonan..  I checked SEF, CNAIM. I´ve been checking and reading a lot of information on the web but  would appreciate very much any informations from any filipino living here, in Portugal with a portuguese or not, thank you.

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