Looking for organic and natural makeup and skincare products.

Hello everyone,
I'm Minu Crasto from India. I'm looking for Organic make up and skincare products. Please can anyone let me know where can I find reasonable products here in Kuwait.
Thank you.


Can you be more specific . Thank you

Everywhere in Kuwait. I hope that's specific enough.


i have it, u cam whatsup me at ***


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Thank you for this topic. I will be also interested.
I just assume you can find in health stores/organic food stores which have cosmetic corners (experience from Bahrain, Dubai) 
Although they can be 3times more expensive than in Europe. Dr Hashuka is one of my favorite it is high quality German product. There are many other quality cosmetics brands from the UK and US.
Perhaps to order from Amazon would work too!?

Ordering is not the problem...shipping and customs cost a bomb.

Same here... will let you know as soon as I find something reasonable.

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