Moving to Mauritius with teens

We are planning to move from South Africa to Mauritius next year. We homeschool our two boys 13 & 17 (GED and Cambridge curriculums). Are there other homeschoolers in Flic en Flac or Tamarin? Are these good areas for families? Are there tennis clubs, sports centers or gyms in these areas? Any other areas recommended? Which area/ provider has the best internet (uncapped)? Any advice would be appreciated.

We are  also moving from SA to Mauritius in just a few weeks! Very excited but a bit nervous.  (3 children aged 19/17/14).There are international private schools there - very expensive though! We also did homeschooling for a while in SA but opted to go back to the GED way. Apparently, from the research that i've done, Mauritius doesn't recognise "homeschooling" as we do but I guess it's a personal decision - if you are already successful with homeschooling, I don't see why it can't be an option. I know of a few people from SA (living in Mru) doing SA homeschooling.

There is loads to do with kids with sports/out doors lifestyle. There are also many  South Africans living in the Black River area but I always feel it's important to integrate into the local culture and "mingle"!

Good luck with the move!


Hi Paula,
Thanks and good luck with your move.

Where are you moving to?
Are you doing the GED online?

There are so many questions that I suppose one needs to just jump in and figure things out for most of them!

I was hoping to find a homeschooling group (doing GED or Cambridge online) or start one when I get there.

Would love to hear about your experiences of the move and settling in.


Hi Alex

We will be moving to Black river area. We are currently in "main stream" school in Jozi and will be looking at Le Boccage (Moca area) and Charles Telfair once in Mru. I looked into the homeschooling options in Mauritius and there are a few SA moms doing it with their kids, but I've opted not to do homeschooling.

When do you plan to move there and is it because of business opportunities? There are many, many face book groups you can join (mostly ex South Africans) you can join. If you would like you can look me up on FB (Paula Darne Milligan) and we can chat through that way - I find it easier to chat that way (as opposed to having to lug out my laptop and go online)! But here if you need any advice or just for a chat!

Start preparing now as there truly is SO much to do and "to do list" seems to be getting longer....not shorter! Ha ha

Good luck and best regards


Hi Paula,

Thanks, will look you up on Facebook.

HI Ladies,
I came across your posts as I am starting to do my research on our potential move from Cape Town to Mauritius in May 2018, and I presently homeschool three of my four kids (3, 9, 11) and my eldest (13) started mainstream school this last year.
I had read that homeschooling was illegal/not recognised, but am interested that SA folk are just choosing to continue that.
May I ask how your integration has gone? Have you found your feet? Any tips? I think we'll be settling in the North as that's where my husband's work is relocating.

Hi how did/is your move going. I am looking to home educate my three children in Mauritius so would love to meet other home educated families.

My kids are 6, 9 and 10 and I am looking to home school too so it would be nice to connect.

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