καλημερα σας and hello from Ireland

Hi there I am new on the Cyprus forum and I have a few questions.

I am currently living in Ireland (since 2005) after having lived in Greece, Thessaloniki before for about 4 years.

As things are changing I am considering moving towards my favourite country Greece again and would love to hook in into the forum.

When I lived in Thessaloniki, even it was my beloved city, I found it VERY hard to survive there with rent and job. Now I read that Cyprus is much better than the rest of Greece but still has the flair of it.

I am German, speak obviously fluent English and also fluent Greek. Maybe not AS fluent anymore due to having been away for these years but I am still very confident in speech and writing too. Also have studied it for years.

Now my questions.
How is it to rent and work in Cyprus?
I have years of experience in the tourism industry in Greece and also in Ireland (no diploma though) and also in translations etc.
How is it to live on a normal wage and being able to live?
Also I have a 12 year old daughter who does NOT speak greek but fluent english and German. She learns languages fast and easy. She would be going to a secondary school, grammar school?
Are they English also or only greek?!
And how is the health system, better than in mainland Greece?
And I would be bringing my car (also left hand drive from Ireland), how is the car insurance and the VRT ?

So many questions but a start :-)


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