Babysitting at weddings in Portugal


My wife and I have booked a wedding venue near Lisbon for next year and we're really excited. However the venue has told us that by law we must hire certified babysitters for the entire event if we have more than 5 children in attendance.

The parents will not be leaving the children unsupervised at any times and most of the children are under 2 years of age. It seems ridiculous that we should have to pay for babysitters to attend our wedding.

Has anyone heard of this rule? What is the legislation?

Of course it makes sense if parents aren't with their children but all of the parents coming will be with their children in shifts (one of a couple will be with their child at all times).

Thanks very much,


Hi Dave,
I've never heard of such a demand. People I know and who organize such venues/events near Lisbon have never made it a must/obligation....If I were you (in case you haven't already made a down payment), I'd look elsewhere.
All the best,

Thanks very much for the reply. I will continue to question it and hope we can come up with a solution.

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