Freelance CAD work from Belize

My name is Valdy Dreimanis (52).  I am from Ontario, Canada.  I am looking to retire (semi) in Belize.  I am dealing with some medical issues and can only work part time. I was wondering what is the best way to use my skill to supplement my lifestyle.  I have been working with AutoCAD since v9. I am getting to speed with Sketchup. I do mostly residential these days.  I enjoy learning about new and different methods.  I also have a history in commercial office design  and laser measuring.  I am not an architect, but an architectural designer.  Which means I could build most of what I design at one time.  Any advice would be welcome.

Unfortunately unless you can get online work payed from overseas your chances of getting employment to supplement your income are between Zero and .1%. Belize is a very poor country with a minimum wage of $3 bze per hour, A good wage is considered $15 per hour. It also protects all its Professional groups and even positions one would presume they would be really happy filling with expats, like the medical profession are difficult to break into. Truthfully if you would need a paid employment to supplement your lifestyle in Belize  maybe it is not the place you think it is.

Honestly, I didn't think work would come from inside Belize. A good internet connection would suffice.  Preferably where the temperature is more moderate.  I do like off grid solutions and different options.  If I can work out the international thing, it might work.  I don't need or want a fancy lifestyle.  The older I get, the simpler, the better.

You can easily work online here. Lots of us do. You just need to be in one of the areas with decent internet, meaning not even remotely remote.
Also, rock on for figuring out sketchup! Awesome program but so hard to conquer! Of course I came from zero knowledge of any such thing. I'm also really interested in off grid solutions. I help people in the us go solar, and as soon as we can build, we'll be doing earthbag with solar or maybe solar/wind. Definitely connect if you decide to come down.

Thank you for your info and offer.  Which areas would you suggest to live.  Where can I find like minded people and community.  This include fresh ripe fruits and vegtables all year long.  I have also found ICF's, ISP's, sustainable living and Earthships interesting and viable.

It depends on what you're wanting. I think there's more sustainability types in San Ignacio. There are a lot of expats in Corozol, but they've had some troubles there recently. Placencia and Hopkins are both really nice and have a fair number of expats and decent internet, but it's not quite as Eco of a crowd as San Ignacio.

San Ignacio, Cayo is the place to be. but where ever you go, I wish you all the joy and happiness of Belize. Welcome to Belize.

Thank you for your reply.  I was thinking San Ignacio.  I like the idea of a fresh market and the more temperate climate.  If I could get some help intergrating into the neighbourhood.  Would my 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS work down there?  I also have a mid-size dog.  I understand it would be good to rent to start.

Your truck will do just fine. And your dog will be happy here just make sure the vet give you a certificate of a free bill of heath for your dog.

It's not a truck, it's a small wagon.  Thank you about the dog.  I am in the process of divesting myself of my property.

Your wagon will do just as good, you will be find. And hope you do enjoy our Belize

Some (most?) of the roads here are pretty bad. What kind of clearance do you have underneath? Also, I would recommend putting really good tires that will take the abuse of rock/dirt roads. Not so much of an issue in San Ignacio, but if you want to go on adventures, it's wise.

First and best advice given to me by my Belize Farmer friend was always but the best Tires you can afford and  check them for damage at least every 3 days and they will pay you back.
The first vehicle we bought had what looked like 'good' tires but within 2 months every tire stripped, luckily all within walking distance of civilization. Funny I was not driving at any of the incidents, always one or other of my sons. So having a slightly less gung ho driving style possibly helps to.
Having a flat in the back of beyond is not for the faint hearted.

😂 Indeed, terrific. Our spot at the end of the monkey River road is also not for the faint of heart. Ive been through some serious puddles in that suv.

I went on a bot trip once to monkey river based on seeing Howler monkeys I thought the little village we had lunch at was Monkey river town but can't be sure. It was before we got our property so Howler Monkeys were a novel idea. On our property we  now have at least 7 troops around us.
We were given the impression that there were little or no roads and the river was the main mode of transport as a result we never really investigated the area when looking for our place.
Hopefully next time I am in at the home base fo ra couple of weeks Would you mind if I contacted you and you could show me some of what I have missed out on.

Sure! I'm certain that you had lunch in the village. Not sure when you came down, but the road has been around for quite a few years. It's in really, really horrid condition, but it's a nice little place. Hopefully some sand will be coming back soon. There's not a whole lot to see, but it's quiet and quaint with nice beaches.

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