Oman Employment visa for financial analyst

Can any one please advise how much time does the employment visa processing take, The Company I am looking forward to join has informed me they are in process to get the work permit approval.

I am currently working in Dubai on same position, and have a Pakistani passport.

Looking forward for your guidance!

Regards :)

Hi arif.zaman57,

Work permit approval is locally known as 'Labour Clearance'.

To answer your query briefly, getting a labour clearance for a job could take anywhere between a couple of weeks, to sometimes even more than a couple of years, or longer.

Getting a labour clearance for a said job depends on many factors, which obviously I am not going to list again since the same has been written at length elsewhere in the forum.

You may please do a site search, locate those discussions and gather up all the information which you are seeking, and much more.

Dear Sum,

Thanks for your elaborated answer, I have came across a news clip on YouTube that the Tanfeedh, shall be clearing the visas in around 5 working days. The news clip was of Oct/Nov 2016 can you please advise had there been any impact for that or the process remains largely slow.


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