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Hi, i am working in s pass my s pass has rejected so my employer reappeal for me with increasing my current salary from 2600 to 2800, my qualification diplomo there any chance my reappeal status get positive

You can check MoM's online SAT-tool to see whether you qualify for an S-Pass at the higher salary. If so, your employer must also qualify (e.g. have space for you in their foreign employee quota).

Thank u beppi...

Hi there. i have been working in singapore for 6 years till now. And october 2016 last year i successfully upgraded my work permit to s pass without diploma. And then 6 months later a client of mine wanted to get me onboard, and they did, the first time they try to get s pass for me was rejected and the appeal was successfully approved. However, we both agreed the job isn't right for me and we cancelled the spass, now i am applying 3rd s pass without a diploma. My application was under pending for 2 weeks. anyone tell me next week is gonna be approve or reject after the long wait? my visit pass is until 14th september?

As I am also studying in singapore part-time, my exam is coming in 2 weeks. Really hope the S pass can be approved before i have to leave singapore. Not sure when are they gonna approve the pass... N the waiting time is getting me worried. Any advice?

My SAT result show i am eligible for s pass, i hope  if the foreign quota available in my company may be it will come positive....

S-Pass does not require a diploma, only a "technical certificate" or equivalent. Since you have an S-Pass before, it means you are deemed to fulfill that. But your frequent job-hopping will count against you.
It is impossible to tell from your post whether the job fits your background and experience, whether there are suitably skilled locals who could do the job (and have to be preferentially hired, by law) and whether the employer fulfills all requirements to hire you (e.g. space in the quota).
Also, processing times are currently very long, 2-3 months or more in some cases. 2 or 3 weeks is not a long wait. Be patient and try to get your SVP extended to cover the exams' time!

Hello, is your spass already approved? Im also waiting for mine to get approved

Hello, may i know what work are you applying in Singapore? Because i am waiting for my spass too and my salary is 2600SGD.

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