Final Exit Visa status

I got final exit visa message and in MOI its showing final exit but in MOL status its showing still in Job. Is there any problem? 

Or i should wait for update in MOL. As my flight is in 4 days only. Kindly help

Same situation I m going through. I got final exit msg from jawazat and checked moi it shows visa status final but in MOL it shows on job. My family is with me and my flight is this week. Please help me what should I do. Please brother I am so worried

I can share my experience...I went on final exit on 13 July. My company issued my final exit visa only one day before and they didn't give me any final exit paper. I went to Pakistan safely.

Hi Aziz,

May I know if you were able go to final exit together with your family? Did it go smoothly? From which city airport did you exit, King Khalid Airport in Riyadh?

Appreciated your kind response as I will be doing same.

Thank you.

Riyadh Aiport. Yes, with family. But you have to issue final exit for your family by yourself with Absher account.

Thank you for your kind reply.

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