Great South African Family trying to move to Ireland , Waterford

Good day, all ,

My name is Marcelle and I am a South African , I have been in Shipping / Logistics for my entire working Career, I am a senior in my Industry , I am also married to an amazing Man Nicholas who is high in the Security industry,  We are looking to immigrate to Ireland , as we found that my Husbands Birth mother decends from the Butlers of Kilkenny ,  I have been doing loads of research and came across this amazing site  i have loads of questions and dont really have the support in Cape Town to get the exact answers , Any guidance in this matter will be greatly appreciated , I am not sure to take the route of My Husbands Ancestral rights or Employment Permits .... But i know with all my heart that Ireland is where we need to be to start our new chapter in our lives and chase our dreams,

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