Hurricanes, Bad Weather, Earthquakes

All we are seeing on tv is brief news of the recent huge Mexican earthquake, preparations and predictions for hurricane disaster in the gulf and carribean. The weather maps on tv show a little bit of the  area around Cancun, but very seldom much of the main part of Mexico, much less the area of Chapala and Ajijic. Please someone let us know what you are experiencing.

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a previous post was set up the day of the earthquake people have been responding there. We will move your question to "How have you dealt with the earthquake"


If you need to know more about weather in Mexico then may I suggest you watch mexican news channels like Milenio, Azteca. Also, you can keep up via the mexican national weather internet site, if you select "pronosticos por municipios" you can have the information for your area IE: link to La Peñita de Jaltemba … n=MXXX8980

But it's in spanish only.

Buen dia a todos, GyC.

Mexico city earlier this week we had one night of severe rain main roads looking like the Amazon river and then the earthquake next night and nothing since. Sunshine today.

Hi ! I am in Ajijic, pretty sunny a little breeze. Going to the balloon festival in a little while.

We have a daughter in the north end of Florida (Tampa) so we are tracking Irma live.,27.059,-78.838,4
The Hurricane is to hit land about 9:00 am tomorrow. our phone lines will be open waiting to here from her. Thank you very much in advance for every ones support to all the people who are in the track of the storm

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