Family reunification from kenya


I am a kenyan girl married to a norwegian man. Am looking for information regarding the period it takes to get the visa. The udi website says upto 15months. I feel like its a damn long time. Any kenyans that have been granted family reunion visa? Kindly talk to me. TIA.

Am from Africa and mine took 4 and half months. Depends on your case weather u skilled migrant and other things.

Hi!leyonene! Please any one can have expeience about family immigration norway.. I apply for family reunion to norway I have a wife and 1 children in norway, I have been I norway 2014 with visiting visa for three mounth and that time my wife she was preagnant we apply for family reunion in norway after that I was complicated cases we.lost the baby my wife.she was sick it was difficult to leave her so udi application and send to.une.also finaly.une.reject too.and. I was already stay for 2 years because cases take.long time, finaly udi sent me back home and.give me.2 years return to.norway and already we get another child in that time after come back.home our lawyer right appeal about to stay 2 years and my wife she lose the weight and she is.alone with the baby also she work 80 percent beacause of the her health situation she is so under weight.. the appeal processing by Une and after four mounth in tanzania Une aceppt our appeal beacuse of my wife health situation plus the baby. So now I apply again to return to norway but my wife she work 80 percent salary dont enough that udi right on requirement, but our lawyer right the statement to udi about my wife situation and say that when I came back to norway she can work more and also her boss from the company right statement too about my wife she work 80 percent because of her situation and she can work more when she can be back in good condition. And also we get statement from the doctor he say to udi about my wife health problem and she is under weigth, when I the embassy the consulate that the report from the doctor it can give weight on my application so I hope to get good result to return to my family. So our lawyer ask udi to check look on strong humanitarian excemption from meintanance because wife situation , if you have any experiance about that any one can help please

@leyoyone thanks for the feedback. Did you apply from african country? And which one? I applied in July so its about 5 months now and no feedback yet.

Hi I applied from Norway, been a permanent resident in Europe for 8 yrs.

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