Planning to move to La Romana (SOS)

¡Hola a todos!

My name is MJ and I currently live in Philadelphia with my husband, our 15 month old baby and dog.
I was born in the Dominican Republic but I was raised in Puerto Rico. We would love to move to La Romana preferibly near the beach for 6-12 months. My main concern is safety and lifestyle changes.
I would love to hear from anyone living in or near La Romana. It would be helpful to know what are the best neighborhoods to live in ( excluding Casa de Campo) but perhaps nearby and  average monthly rental for 3 bedroom home or apartment. Also if you guys hire any help like a nanny, how much do you pay?

Saludos desde Philadelphia.

Well you already did what I suggested! DMn you are good.

There arr some very nice areas in La Romana.  I lived in la caletta and had a 3 bedroom apt for less then us 250.

I then moved to a 4 bedroom house for about US 350 near the university.  The company i worked with also rented a 4 bedroom house just north of there for about US 400 a month.

All werenon the west side of the city.

Nanny - that i dont know sorry!

Safety - it is all about how you present yourself, how yiu bahave and who you associate with!  There are threads about safety, make sure to read them.

Thank you for the information!
I have a few more questions if you don't mind.
What are the neighborhoods names in La Romana that you recommend? What is the best way to see available properties to rent? Do you need a broker? Also, how's the driving in La Romana. Do you recommend owning a car?

Sorry for the million questions.

I will have to pull up an online map as i dont remember.

Best way to find a place is noots on the ground. Get a hotel and then start driving the areas you loke looking for signs. The area around the univrsity both soth and just borth of it you will find many options for rentals! If i can find the name of the guy who helped me I will send it to you by private message.

Driving  - well its nuts. But you will liky need to drive.

That'd great if you can find his number or anyone's who can help! Thanks!

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