BMW Specialist in KL

Hi guys,

I am planning to get a second hand BMW (I simply love them so much but cars in Malaysia are so expensive because of this country's tax system).

I am wondering if anyone knows any BMW specialist or workshop around KL or Petaling Jaya that can help me inspect the car before I get it from the dealer?


I found a someone who was about to help me to inspect and subsequently service my new love (although I am still halfway working on the paperwork and transfer).

Just in case anyone is interested (45 views on this thread), you want to know more about older BMW cars or you're looking for a workshop, here is a BMW specialist in KL. Found them from another Malaysian based forum, Lowyat. The owner's name is William.


BMW's are superb cars to drive. Back in France in the 90's I'd drive my 730i at 230 kph on long journeys between Paris and the South, and it was incredibly stable and smooth and very reliable. I always wanted a 635 CSi though, almost bought one once.

These days I'm driving a Japanese SUV. Not the same, but suitable enough in Asia.

My point exactly. A beautiful machine to drive, sadly in Malaysia speed limits are much lower. And you hardly noticed your own speed because it is so stable!

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