7,800 MYR For Working Documents??!??!


I recently had an interview with a school. After I signed the contract, they put me in touch with an agent for processing the 'working' documents. These are the costs he quoted. Scam?

-Two Years Work visa: 2,300 MYR
-Tax Clearance/Insurance: 1,500 MYR
-Malaysian Teaching Certificate: 1,400 MYR
-Flight Ticket: 2,600 MYR


I signed a contract with a malaysian school and they didnt ask me for any fees. The school handles all the fees required for the visa.
Meanwhile, if you deal with an agent yourself then you are bound to pay. Still it is unfair to do so ...

Sounds like  job scam.  There are quite a few of them at the moment around medical and education jobs. Often the person is referred to a fake solicitors called Bungah....... If an employer expects you to pay anything, it is a scam.

Teaching staff don't deal with agents, as international schools have to deal direct with the Ministry of Education for clearance, which no agent can do.

Chalk it up to experience and move on. There are plenty of authentic teaching jobs. One good online source is TES (Times Educational Supplement)

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