Will changing date of birth on id and passport affect iqama?

I want to change my date of birth on my id and passport.i hav all proofs(matric degree,birth certificate etc) to do it.
I doing a job and my iqama is under the company sponsorship.
So if i change my date of birth in id card n passport,do i need to change it on iqama as well. Is it even possible to change it on iqama after so many years of staying in saudia?
If yes wat is the procedure?

Any changes to your passport must be strictly applied on your iqama. I got stuck in the same situation as my name in English and Arabic and DOB on passport were different from iqama and my sponsor was able to change them last year except for DOB as it requires certain prolonged process through riyadh MOI only and it takes around 2-3 weeks.

Earlier, all entities (banks, schools, leasing offices) were taking the differences of name / DOB between your iqama and passport at ease and now they're becoming more strict, so better do it ASAP.

You need the original passport on which you first entered Saudi with as it has your visa number to do any of the above. Also there will be a processing fee to reprint your new iqama.

Hope it helps.


your company helped you to change the date of birth on iqama?was your visa new or u changed the DOB from an old visa?

The HR in the company should do this for you. If you want my recommendation if your company won't do it for you, try to get 3rd party person (usually called moakeb) and pay him the required fee to get this done.

I changed the info recently (1 year back) but my first entry was around 25 years back but still have the passport since then. There should be no issue as long as your passport you used for your first entry to saudi is with you.

Can u recommend some moakeb?my company is not helping me in this issue 😞

It is weird that your company HR do not do this.

Pls visit muaqeb.com website and try to find one that is best for you. Be cautious on who you deal with. Also pay after the service is done not in advance unless it's a reputable office.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, go to any Jawazat office (passports) near your neighborhood and ask for the information and process.


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