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Hi! I'm from Pakse. I'm interested in learning languages like french, german,  russian,  Japanese or any other asian languages. (as a hobby)

Hi rovasylum and welcome to :)

Are you looking for tandem partners or for language schools?
How can we help you?

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Hi Priscilla. I'm looking for language school in Pakse, but it seems like I'm hopeless to find such school in this small city. Thank you for your reply :D


I have been coming and going from Pakse for many years as my wife's family are from Phontong.
There are no such schools that I know of in Pakse.
Vientiane is the best place for learning institutes.

There may be a language institute that offers language lessons. You would need to hunt and ask.

@rovasylum I am offering Lao Language and other Languages Lessons online for provinces, for VTE Capital online and private Lao/English/Russian/Thai Languages

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