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Hello everyone, I am looking for travel agents to help with 1month tourist visa for Nigerian and 2 Lithuanians

Why pay someone, when you can do it yourself and online? … g-chu-ttdt

There are several online agents that sell VOA, visa on arrival.
It's simple, only costs $15 to $20 , and the visa can be obtained same day OR 2 business days.
Just google Vietnam visa on arrival . 

Just fill in the online application, pay the small fee and wait for the Visa letter in your email.  Show that at the airport & pay another $25 stamp fee and your here.     If it's declined , you'll need to approach the nearest Vietnam Embassy , there's one in Nigeria, and I think Poland is the closest for Lithuania. 

Forget the agents here.
Besides, most agents here selling Visa's would not know their ass from their elbow.  Monday they were wiping tables, Tuesday they were cutting hair......Wednesday, they are masquerading as immigration officials.

Good luck

masquerading  is a bit unfair, not sure about the quality of the haircuts though.

I agree with Yogi that a Visa on arrival letter emailed to you before travel is an easy option...always done it myself for 9 years ...
However ,if you are to arrive at Hcmc,due to the increased tourism the queue for the Visa on arrival over the years has become horrendous.....I entered last October and spent nearly 2 hours in the airport arranging the visa itself via the visa on arrival letter...after a long flight that is hard work.....and I dare say nothing has changed in the last year!
The system is nothing short of pathetic,lots of grumpy people ( after long flights)of all languages with contradicting views of how to go about it and no guidance from the airport staff.

Good news  Gareth,
I came thru the Tan Son Nhat VOA facility two months ago. It's getting a lot better. They've recently renovated the whole area, it's a bigger counter and more staff.     

I was only there 20 mins, to get the vIsa. But the queue getting thru customs took a lot longer.    The improved waiting time is probably due to more countries added to the free 15 day visas.   I'll be doing again in two weeks.....getting used to it.🤓

When I first saw the lines at customs I've thought Oh NO many will be at the VOA counter.    But only about 30 people, so those free visa people must have been in the other lineup at customs.

Thanks for the info Yogi...that sounds a lot better.

My brother entered VN three days ago, and he said it was a breeze, due to them having more staff working.

Thanks yogi, what website did you use?

I've used several so far, but the last few times  vietnamvisapro has been good. No problems and very quick.

Google them.

Can follow each other via … h.micalive

Thank you yogi

Make sure all details on the Visa Letter are correct, and that you have an extra day or two built in to have it returned and corrected (all done by email). I received an approval letter once with my name spelt wrong, took another two days to have it corrected, no additional costs or complications.

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