New job offer, need your help in accepting it.

Hi all,

Got a new job offer in Malaysia as Logistics supervisor. I want help from you all and ideas to accept the offer. I've been offered 4000RM + accommodation. It is a good salary for a single male to live in Klang, Malaysia?
Please guide me in this process. Thanks in advance.
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Edu: MS in logistics and supply chain management in UK
Ex: 2 years

To be frank, I am surprised a foreigner was offered the job as there surely must be local candidates available. But my gut feeling is they might be more expensive than you. The second issue may be whether immigration will process the Professional Pass (Category III) based on a seeming mismatch between job title and 2 years' experience. Those issues will be clarified in due course. Are you aware if the company intends to seek a PP or to employ you as a service worker under the Foreign Worker visa?

Salary-wise - it sounds in the mid range for a supervisor position, but that depends on size of company and number of people you would supervise. But the question of experience probably reflects the salary level offered. It would be possible to check the salaries in the industry at the Kelly Malaysia 2016/17 Salary Guide: … 162017.pdf

As long as the offer is at least double what you are currently earning in India, it may be a worthwhile move. Suggest you check the COL online at Expatistan and Numbeo to compare to your current expenses (there is a % increase function - but add 6% to every cost you see, to take into consideration the high rate of inflation here and because the data might not be uptodate).

You will be paying income tax and the first 182 days it will be at 28%. Housing is worth at least RM1k per month and you will pay tax on that benefit. Information is available here under Download/Tax Publication/Tax Brochure 2017 -

Tax resident levels:
Non-resident T&Cs:

Thanks, it was really helpful. My Designation is Asst. Warehouse supervisor and Accommodation (Single Studio apartment with all amenities ) is taken care by Company itself. Work place would be Port Klang. So do you think just 4000RM per month is enough for other expenses like food, Entertainment and rare shopping needs?

You can live with RM1k per month modestly and RM1.5k with more eating out and entertainment. If you smoke and would like to drink, then RM2k per month.

Thanks a lot Gravitas. It was very helpful.

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