Dress code in Saudi

Hey guys! I'm moving to Saudi Arabia next month to teach English. I haven't been told yet if I'll be living on a compound or an apartment block.

Just wondering how strict is the dress code? Do I have to wear all black? Can I not wear my long skirts that are a little tight and go to mid calf as long as I wear stocking with it? How about long sleeve shirts or pants that are on the tight side? Should I buy an abaya here or wait til I get there?

How cold does it get at night? Will I need a fleece jacket? Will I even ever be out at night?

Are there dress codes in the compounds or in the apartment blocks?

I'm trying to pack as light as possible and any advice would be appreciated : ). Sorry I kinda seem clueless here, I am a little haha..

Sounds like your school hasn't sent you a handbook with all this kind of information which is a shame. Can you ask your recruiter to put you in touch with any of the other new teachers? I did that just before I came out and found it to be immensely helpful.

If you're moving to Riyadh I believe it's true that darker colours would be preferred. Will you be able to arrive a few days before you come so you can do some shopping here? That would be a good idea if you're finding it hard to find appropriate stuff where you live.

Happy to provide more info by PM. Tabby.

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