Livret de famille

Hello friends,

Sneha here,I  want to know about livret de famille??what is it really.
Do I need to have a livret de famille before coming to stay in France.

How do I get it and where.
I am Mauritian and my spouse is irish and we got married in Mauritius.

The link below shows that I have to have a proof of family link with the Eu spouse.

Does the mariage certificate denotes as a proof to apply for a stay in France or I have to get the livret de famille. … dex_en.htm

Thank you all in advance


Hi Sneha,
Certainly you want the livret de famille ; it shows all your family relationships. eg, mine shows my French husband's parents names and birth places, his birth info, and our marriage. It also shows my birth info. It means that France recognizes (very officially) your family status. When you have kids, the go in too.
You get your marriage added via the consulate where you married (Mauritius, in your case). I forget exactly how long it took for mine (we weren't in a hurry).
I'm not sure if it is really required for you spousal visa, as long as you have your marriage certificate; best to check the list (I think it will just say proof of marriage, and you could provide either).
However, it is worth getting it going before you leave Mauritius; as long as you have a long term address in France, they will send it on to you.
bonne chance,

Merci encore une fois Julie.

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