Orthopedic physical therapist/chiropractor--Riyadh

I was hit by a car last year while running across the street, and my back and knee are still in pain. Could anyone recommend a good orthopedic physical therapist or chiropractor in Riyadh?

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Mark Loker

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Hi Mark Loker,

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I hope that this list will be able to help you : Chiropractors in Riyadh.

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In the past few years, I have seen 4 and amongst them have found Dr. Imran Hanif in Specialized Medical Center (SMC) quite good. The Medical Center is located on the intersection of Makkah Road and King Fahad Road.

Hi Mark,

These are the current Chiropractors who are based in Riyadh
Dr Mario +966 11 4659100
Dr. Abduallah Al Harbi +966 11203 0924

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