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Hello everyone,
My name is Galina. I'm 22 years old. I come from Bulgaria. I am an artist, in my free time i love to create new paintings. I'm living  with my loving finnish boyfriend. I'm learning finnish language. My plan is to live in Tampere city rest of my life. In this period of time, i'm looking for work place  and new friends also. If there is anybody willing to help me with finding work place here in Tampere city
I would be extremely grateful.
Please and Thank you!

Hello Galina,

Welcome to

Thanks for your introduction. I also suggest you to create your cv under the Jobs in Tampere section. Feel free to provide as much details as you can to boost your chances of securing a suitable position.

Good luck


Kiitos! :)

Hello and welcome to Finland!

We are working on a Transcription Project that requires the participation of native speakers of Bulgarian.

The task information is below:

Requirements: Native speaker of Bulgarian with access to stable Internet and good English skills.

Estimated start date: As soon as possible.

Task description: The goal of this task is to listen to short audios in Bulgarian and correct pre-transcribed text so that it matches the audio you hear. No translation will be needed for this task. A transcription accuracy of 95% should be achieved.

Workload: flexible, preferably 20 hours per week, estimated throughput 180-200 words per hour.

Location: Flexible, the worker can be located anywhere as long as they have access to a computer with a stable Internet connection.

This project will take place through the Work Market platform, if you are interested in cooperating with us, please do join us directly on Work Market by following this link:

In order to receive the task, you must also complete a Bulgarian Language Test, found here:

Please accept the SLA Agreement: This agreement can be found at the top right corner of the group page (press the Apply button)

Master Service Level Agreement” will pop up, after the “Apply” button is clicked, please scroll down to the bottom and accept it.

Best regards,

Quentin Davis

Recruitment Team
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
Hermiankatu 12 C, FI-33720, Tampere, Finland
w. +358942705663 |  tw. @Lionbridge_GSMI
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Hi DCRtre,

You should please post your job offer in the jobs section. >

Thank you,

Thanks, will do!

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