Work Visit Rejected by Saudi Embassy

I got my Work Visit visa rejected by Saudi Embassy this morning. From what  I understand after having a long conversation with Etimad folks is that there are two Type of Work Visit Visas (a) By Invitation (which I already have) & (b) Online Visa. Online Visa is something which companies issue for high-profile people such as CEOs, director etc.

The company which is offering me a job does not have Resident Visa available at this moment that is why they issued the work visit Visa for time being until I get resident Visa.

It may take a while for the employer to get the quota of resident Visa.

So what are my options now? Any valuable feedback is much appreciated.

You explained the whole scenario but not your question.

You might be asking what to do in this scenario. Well, it's not uncommon for people to come on business visa here on temporary basis. It has it's limitations. I am not experienced in it but probably you can get it for 90 days max. There is also some clause which you can use to extend it by exiting the border and then come back again in Saudia. People generally use Bahrain border using King Fahad Causeway.

I am sure, more senior, experienced and expert people will help you here in exact details in next posts.

Thanks for jotting down the pros and cons of Working Visit Visa.

But I believe I explicitly asked, what are my options when  Working Visit Visa (Company issued the Invitation letter ) was rejected and Saudi Embassy is asking for Online Working Visit Visa. Like I said earlier I may not be able to get Online Visa as it is issued to High Profile positions such CEOs and Directors etc

It may take a  while to get the Resident Visa ( I believe 3-4 months or may be more).

Is there any interim solution or do I have to wait another 3-4 months?

On your end, the most you can do is to promptly submit whatever documents and follow whatever procedures are required for whatever visa arrives for you.

There is nothing else you can do. It is your employer responsibility and actions that can only make the difference; which I believe is out of your zone again.

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