Colonial Zone 1 BR Apt for $350 or Less

Hi everyone  --

I'm here in SD, colonial zone (arrived 5 Sep), and was wondering if anyone knows of an apartment complex that will lease 1 bedroom (furnished) for 1 year @ $350 or less in this area.  If not, if you know of any good realtors in this area as well.  I've pretty much made a decision to stay here the first year.  Not looking for anything extravagant, but of course hot water, 24 hr elect/wifi/ etc.  Any advice would help.  I'm currently staying in one of the TAU hotels. 

Thank you and stay safe tonight!

You might look into shared accommodations...

Privacy is very important to me but thanks

Boots on the ground - start walking or.driving those streets looking for signs!!!

There are some in Gazcue if that is of.interest.

Well boots on ground was and is my original plan.  I need to get a place pretty quick for mail forwarding.  Anyway i did see a $315 available in Gazcue last night shown to me by hotel management here in colonial z online.  Realtor only speaks Spanish but wants to meet with me tomorrow.  Funny you should mention Gazcue....glad you did.

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