Traveling with a dog to Cambodia from USA


I was curious if anyone here has traveled to Cambodia with their pet dog from the USA and know the process when entering the country with a dog. My main concern is Quarantine. I have searched online and I saw a list of things such as vaccinations and clean bill of health needed, however, I did not see anything about quarantine.


Its not so easy , but it can be done , most Khmer landlords do not allow dogs in the house , unlike other countries dogs generally do not go inside the house buses etc , hotels , so if you find a place that will let you keep your dog take it , my neighbors have two dogs little ones and my landlord lets them in the condo , so it can be done!

Thanks! That's good to know. I am more concerned with the requirements needed to get into the country with the dog. I want to make sure there are no quarantine requirements for dogs.

Hi travelingtrio,
I am bringing my dog with me too, at the end of Nov. there are no quarantine requirments. the vacines and rabies shot etc and pet passport. From what I have read there are no problems getting them in. Pleasant travels...

You can skip the fear for quarantine as there isn't any.

Take care of usual vaccinations and be sure that the rabies vaccination is more than 30 days old but less than a year and you have a document about it, or a vaccination passport. Further no requirements.

The flight itself is more of concern.

1. You won't have your dog with you in the cabin. It will travel as accompanied pet in the cargo area, but in a special part of it that has the same air pressure as the cabin. Let the crew check if the dog is in the right cargo area and assure that air pressure is regulated. Book your pet same time as yourself and of course same flight.

2. You might have to be at the cargo station 3 hours before the flight, stay with your dog as long as possible, let it walk, drink water.  You need an approved (size and quality) kennel to transport the dog in.

3. On arrival check where you can collect your dog. If a small dog and kennel it might be put on the baggage belt, if a large dog and kennel you might have to collect it from the cargo department.
First thing you do is let your dog drink, he will be dehydrated from the flight.

Good luck and remember what Twinsguy mentioned, you can't take your dog to many places, so always ask before taking your dog.

Good luck!

Here is a useful llnk: … -one-here/

Thank you so much! I travel all around the world with my dog so I have to stick to non quarantine countries. I could never part with him or leave him with strangers.

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